Pacific Standard: Journey Through Contested Lands.

Web development case study.

An experiential article in partnership with The Pulitzer Center and Magnum Photos.

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Pacific Standard, a publication based in Santa Barbara, partnered with The Pulitzer Center and Magnum Photos to create a microsite for their collection of stories called, “A Journey Through Contested Lands.”

The site was to be engaging and interactive, while highlighting the photos according to Magnum’s requirements. For most of the photos, cropping and overlays were not allowed.

The microsite was made up of 3 parts:

  1. The landing page, which would include an email subscription form before launch.
  2. The story pages, each themed with different color palette to represent different regions.
  3. The table of contents, a dynamic world map with popover cards.

I developed the website in Vue.js because time was of the essence and Vue handles CSS animations really quickly and well.

The map was developed in D3.js which is also used by The New York Times for interactive graphs.

Services provided:

  • – Front-end web development
  • – MailChimp integration
  • – API
  • – JavaScript
  • – D3.js development
  • – Vue.js development
  • – CSS animations

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