Brand identity design case study.

Blockchain contracts.

Visit Site is a SaaS that provides an easy-to-use blockchain contract builder. When the team was looking for funding, they realized they needed a strong cohesive visual identity to lead with, especially when it came to their whitepaper and pitch deck.

The focus of the project was on the logo and pitch deck.

For the logo, the clients and I agreed on a half monogram, half optical illusion “C” for

Designing the pitch deck involved going through their content and appropriately splitting up and truncating for presentation purposes. I designed the pitch deck in Sketch first and I built the final product in Powerpoint in easy-to-edit formats.

I also designed and built the landing page, which had the goal of collecting email addresses. I designed contract builder as well though I did not build it.

Services provided:

  • – Logo design
  • – Corporate identity
  • – Brand guide
  • – Whitepaper
  • – Pitch deck
  • – Marketing design
  • – Landing page design
  • – Front-end web development
  • – UI/UX design

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