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January 17, 2019

What’s SEO? It’s a set of practices for optimizing your website so it shows up as high as it can in search engine results, making it more likely that someone will click onto your site. That includes optimizing the language on your site and more.

SEO’s initial price tag is something like free (can cost mostly elbow grease) so it’s very accessible to new startups with limited budgets.

It’s also a good idea for established players to try to take advantage of SEO though because while PPC can work, it tends gets more expensive, not less.

Consider also that 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine and 86% of web searchers trust organic SEO listings more than sponsored or paid listings. It’s really, really hard to argue against SEO as a marketing tactic for a website or even an app.

While there are impressive enterprise tools for SEO such as Ahrefs, you can get enviable results through sheer hard work. But, it’s always good to get some help. Keep reading to find out my favorite free, no-signup tools for SEO in this article.

Find the right keywords with Keywords Everywhere and Ubersuggest

Advice from Steve Benjamins, founder of Site Builder Report, a $40k/mo revenue site:

“Choose a market with high search volume and go overboard… to create value for people searching those keywords.”

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere gives you x-ray goggles into any Google search, as well as other search engines such as Amazon and Etsy. When you type in your keywords, KE will show you related keywords alongside competition score, search volume per month, and CPC. It also allows for exporting to CSV. This is a great way to keep your mind in SEO while you browse online.


Ubersuggest is similar in that in takes one search term and gives you related keywords. If you’d like to focus for a few hours on just keyword research, Ubersuggest is the way to go.

Get your on-page SEO straight with Spotibo

Remember when I said you can get enviable results with just hard work? Sometimes even less can get you results. Sam Dickie built a directory of tools for non-technical entrepreneurs and hired someone for $5 to do basic on-page optimization. The results? His site now ranks #2 on Google for certain popular terms like “online mockup generator.”

Spotibo is an SEO analyzer that analyzes your entire site, not just one page. It crawls your site just like Google does (Javascript too) and reports back with tailored errors, warnings, and important information for your site’s SEO. It also audits redirects, missing attributes, and mobile views.

Create a great experience with TinyPNG and Meta Tags

Moe Amaya wanted to find out if design was a relevant metric for SEO, so he tried a few experiments. When they showed promising results, he decided to play a little bigger. He created which, according to Moe, was doing the exact same thing dozens of sites were already doing—except they designed a better experience. He now makes $1,300/mo just from that site.

He also created another tool called Meta Tags which I’d like to feature here for your SEO.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags is a neatly-designed tool that generates social media card tags for your website. Create a pleasant branded experience for your visitors coming from social media.

Wait a minute, you’re saying: social media is not SEO. But it is! Or at least, the overall experience a person has before and during visiting your site is a crucial indicator of quality, which is exactly what search engines want to show at the top of their search results.

In fact, branded keywords have enormous weight over generic keywords. If you can make your social media card link (social is 26% of overall site referrals) something enticing, you’re much more likely to make an impression on somebody who might later use a branded keyword to find you again.


TinyPNG is a fast, effective, and free image compressor. It helps your SEO score by making your site fast—with page speed being a signal Google uses to determine the ranking for your site, not only because a fast site improves user experience but because it also reduces operating costs.

So there you have it, some new SEO utilities to add to your arsenal.

Feel free to email me any questions or comments.

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