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Simple Choice Realty is a real estate listing service run by Chris Carr of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. The company is different than most listing services in that it uses tech and productized service to speed along the process as well as keep costs low.

Chris Carr engaged my help because of my modern and simple designs. In addition to an appropriate design aesthetic, I was uniquely qualified to help Simple Choice because I had experience developing for WordPress. I sought to create a pleasant experience both for Chris in updating the website’s content as well as his visitors & future customers.

Ideally, the website would sell the services well enough that Chris would receive few phone calls to close sales. With this goal in mind, we created interactive calculators and flowcharts describing the service’s benefits.

Chris Carr was very happy with the process and deemed working with me a great experience. The website redesign itself was a success. We compared the sales achieved in the month after the redesign launch as well as the same time period the year before. Before the redesign, Simple Choice Realty sold 36 listings in a month through their website. After the redesign, they saw 45 sales in a month.

Services provided:

  • – Web design
  • – Web development
  • – WordPress integration
  • – JavaScript

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