Extremely online for over a decade.

Hi! My name is Diana. I’m a digital product (websites, apps, etc) designer and developer based in California. I really, really ❤ design, code, and business—no joke. When I’m not working on client projects, I’m probably working anyway on personal projects like Kawaii Tarot and Orbit.

I believe anything is possible; you just have to work smart and hard towards it. I specialize in websites because they’re the most accessible way to grow a business or community exponentially.

My story goes back to Geocities and Neopets. I started out coding as a kid. For the first few years out of high school, I was a web developer working with HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and WordPress. Soon enough, I realized I was more driven by the interaction between people and screens as well as the emotion behind design, so I focused on UI and UX design. I am now a designer first and foremost though still proficient in development. I even built my own app! Most recently I’ve picked up React.js, Vue.js, and the Ionic framework.

In the end, I want to make a positive impact. Because of this I never stop studying new, interesting topics and applying them to my brand identity and web design process. I am most interested in design, history, psychology, metaphysics, software, copywriting, graphic design, philosophy, business, marketing—the more I learn the more they interweave. So if you’re looking for a passionate web designer that’ll work to make the big ideas you have for your business come to life, you found her.

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What it’s like to work with me.

1. Design Exploration.

Through research and a few exercises, we pull together colors, fonts, and an overall aesthetic system that reflects who you are and what you do. The result will serve as a guiding light to your company values.

2. Development.

After spending time in the clouds, we get your feet back on the ground. In this step we cover what is possible and what is best left for later for your website. I build it once the goals are clear, so that we have a target to hit.

3. Maintenance.

It’s not 2003 anymore—you can’t create a website once and just leave it. From simple security maintenance to continuous testing/iteration, I guarantee your website will keep up with the rest of your business.


I recently hired Diana to develop a new version of my most popular website and I’m extremely happy with her work. She has fantastic design skills and she’s got that special touch that makes her work instantly recognizable. She’s a fantastic coder too, she will turn a bland WordPress theme into a feature-rich powerhouse. I would definitely recommend Diana to anyone who wants outstanding websites and I can’t wait to team up with her again in the future. Thanks for making my website dream come true Diana, you’re the best!

Phil, SOSCasino

I really enjoyed working with you. Your design skills are amazing and I’m very pleased with the results. The initial set of changes are on the site and we’ve seen a great response in terms of metrics.

Ben, Katacoda

The site overall has been amazing – my monthly recurring revenue has gone up significantly since we started due to the conversion rate and price increase. I definitely think the design of the site has allowed me to increase the price of my service as my brand looks much more trustworthy.

Aaron, Sogro

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