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Diana Lopez is the passionate force behind Pixelswithin. To her, websites transcend mere aesthetics—it represents the marriage of storytelling, entrepreneurial spirit, and an acute understanding of today’s digital pulse.

Working with Diana is a true partnership. One built on dedication and a shared vision. She understands the unique dreams, challenges, and aspirations of every business owner because she’s walked that path herself.


Corporate Identity.

Breathe new life into your site with innovative storytelling tailored for modern consumer standards.

Logo & Branding.

We design impactful, clean logos and brand identities suitable for screens and web apps.

User Experience Design.

Rookies can try, but they can’t match our decades of expertise in crafting standout websites.

Software Development

No one has time for a site 3 mo. away. We move at startup speed and go from idea to launch in weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question here? Contact us.

How does your pricing work?

We price by project. Each project is different, so we provide tailored estimates. Our minimum rate of engagement for new clients is $1,000.

New Projects: Our project rate works out to about $50 per hour (but that’s not exact) for new projects, which covers initial requirements gathering, system setup, and hosting infrastructure.

Returning Customers: For returning customers, our rate is reduced to about $30 per hour, reflecting our appreciation for your continued business and the straightforward updates often needed on existing projects.

Is the investment worth the results I’ll get?

Yes, our clients have seen great results with our storytelling approach to software. Check out their testimonials on this page to see the trust and satisfaction we’ve built.

Does this framework apply to my specific industry or problem?

Absolutely. We tailor our approach to fit different industries. For example, we helped Sogro with their unique needs by providing a simplified and efficient software solution. We’ve also worked with clients in retail, healthcare, and tech.

Will my website be easy to integrate into my existing systems?

Yes, our solutions are designed for easy integration with other systems. We ensure all your business needs are met and provide training and documentation during onboarding to ensure a smooth fit. We provide technical documentation for your tech team if needed.

What support do you offer after implementation?

Software is never truly done, which is why we offer ongoing maintenance tailored to your needs.

Monthly retainer (Priority): $2,000 a month. Enjoy priority support, ongoing enhancements, and proactive monitoring.
Per task: Pricing varies based on the complexity of the task.

In our custom solutions we optimize the code editing experience, ensuring smooth and efficient turnaround times for updates and new features. This translates to less labor and lower costs, offering great value for your investment. We hope this will inspire you to continue growing your site.

What should I do next to get started?

Contact us to schedule an introduction. We’ll discuss your needs and create a custom plan for you. Just click the “Contact” button or email us directly via

How can I help?

Reach out and find out.