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Web & Mobile Software Consultant for Startups.

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“Diana’s designs made a massive difference to my businesses.”
Aaron of Sogro (Reached $1mm ARR)

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Science shows us that everything is made up of energy. Mysterious, yet as reliable as the rotation of the planets.

I help startups tap into the power of this energy with focused intention as a software engineer and UI/UX consultant.

Portfolio of Magical Adventures.

Kawaii Tarot

Kawaii Tarot is a project that involved illustration, web design, and iOS/Android app development. Over 100k downloads.


The marketing and documentation website for the famous "emoji people" developed for daily editing by multiple editors and teams.


Social media marketing tool for small businesses. Worked with the CEO to build from the MVP and grow the company to $1m ARR.


This laundry wash & delivery service now has a modern site built to handle complex customer requests & bookings.

How Startups Meet Magic.

Some of the tactics for harnessing the energy that everything is made of, for software projects.

Energy Sprints.

Just like the seasons, there are natural peaks & dips of software projects. The beginning spark of a project is captured in documented brainstorming sessions, for fuel later.

Constant Rebirth.

Do you embrace the nature of change? You’d do well in startups. Far from the big revamps of the agency world, I help you continuously spot opportunities and ship improvements.

Use Time Wisely.

I believe you can collapse time if you use it wisely. From microinteractions to apt features, there are plenty of ways to use time in your app to maximize your place in people’s daily lives.

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